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Yubo Zhang is a first-year PhD student at Department of Computer Science, University of Southern California, where he is co-advised by Dr. Jieyu Zhao and Dr. Muhao Chen. Previously, he obtained his BSc degree in Fintech&AI from Department of Computing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with First Class Honours, where he was advised by Dr. Jing Li. His research interest focuses on Natural Language Processing, Computational Social Science and Machine Learning.

E-mail: yuboz [at] usc [dot] edu


  • Received the 2022 Outstanding Student Award from Department of Computing.

  • My research internship at MSRA comes to an end. A new paper “Latent Prompt Tuning for Text Summarization” during my internship is available at arXiv.

  • A paper is accepted in ACL2022 main conference.

  • A paper is accepted in EMNLP2021 main conference.


University of Southern California (USC)

2023 - Present

> PhD Student

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU)

2019 - 2023

> BSc (HONS) Financial Technology & Artificial Intelligence

> Minor In Applied Mathematics

Research Experience

  • Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA), NLC Group

    Research Internship

    Mar 2022 - Oct 2022

    Mentor: Dr. Xingxing Zhang

    • Latent Prompt Tuning for Text Summarization

      This project studies controllable text summarization and proposes Lotus (shorthand for Latent PrOmpt Tuning for Summarization) which is a single summarization model that can be applied in both “controlled” mode (allowing user-specified requirements) and “uncontrolled” mode (higher qualities compared to uncontrollable baselines).

    • Summarization Data Mining
      This project studies how to automatically mine large-scale naturally occurring summarization data (i.e., document-summary pairs) from large online corpora (e.g., CC100) for pre-training.

  • PolyU SMART Lab

    Undergraduate Research Assistant

    Summer 2020 - Present

    Supervisor: Dr. Jing Li

    • Final Year Project (2022-2023): Poll Question Generation for Social Media Posts
    • Doctor Recommendation on Medical Forums (ACL2022)

      > Supported by PolyU Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scheme with Funding&Scholarship awarded: HK$30,000&HK$10,000

      This project studies a novel task of doctor recommendation to enable automatic pairing of a patient to a doctor with relevant expertise.

    • Social Media Hashtag Recommendation (EMNLP2021)
      This project studies hashtag personalization which explores users’ hashtagging preferences and predicts how likely a user will put a hashtag in their future posts (henceforth user-hashtag engagements).
  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong

    Honorary Junior Research Assistant at
    Cintec and Dept. of SEEM

    Summer 2021

    Supervisor: Prof. Kam-Fai Wong

    • Explainable AI (XAI) survey

    • A Customisable Multi-turn Chatbot Based on Query-context Attentions and Few Shot Learning